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Leaking shower faucet in condo. Older moen faucet. Would like to fix or replace it.

Brian S

Upstairs toilet water is leaking from the tank into the toilet all the time. Plus kitchen tap at times leaks.

Maria V

I am purchasing a new dishwasher which I need to have installed. I need the old, malfunctioning unit to be disconnected first, so that it can be removed and taken away by the delivery team when they bring the new appliance. I imagine this will require two separate trips. Thanks!

Sarah P

my dish washer drain isn't working properly (I think) as the water retains at the bottom. about 2 liters.

Jackie B

only beeps

Firstly, I need the shower fixture to be replaced, tap and all. We have a leak from the same stand up shower on the second level into the ceiling on the first level, and we need this fixed. Could you kindly give me an estimate.

Mary A

We need 2 jobs done: 1. Replace a pedestal sink with a small Vanity and sink 2. Install a new dishwasher where there was no dishwasher previously.

Kiron S

Commercial building, need trenching through concrete to install plumbing for 2 dishwashers, bar sink, espresso machine, kitchen sink and slop sink and 1 extra washroom.

Niki T

We are on the second floor and the first floor apartment discovered a small leak in the ceiling. please provide us an estimate for detecting the leak and repairing it.

Elahe D

We have a new kitchen. Our GE dishwasher needs to be hooked up and the water line to our LG refridgerator needs to be attached (copper line terminates behind fridge)

Robin M

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